Hello France, Hello Turkey, Hello World can you hear me? Earth to the people!

by Justin McHugh with Material Reference and supplemented thoughts from Andro Fraser.

Head Line World News – from the Direct Source


Hello Citizens of Turkey and the World, along with France and all the World;  I come with messages of peace and love.  For 3,000 years they have controlled us and we fought wars through false testimony.

They gave us false perception through forced written text about who our creator was and what our creator wanted from us.  If we disagreed they slaughtered us under the creators name, but this is not God’s hand or word.   The few control society.  They are not good hearted-people in spirit.

I want to let you all know that the creator does hear your prayers. People are rising up against these snakes. Armies have risen against them.


God loves all creeds and races.  You have woken up to what is around you.  They have programmed all of us for 3,000 years.  You have awakened.  The creator has spoken to you.

Find ways to survive.  Research what you can, but you need to protect you and your families, and other good people, because they are trying to start a huge war.  This is a message broadcast to you from the One Source.   You are not a slave.  Anonymous Hello.  People who can’t speak up, hello.  The creator hears your prayers and feels your tears. These attacks and events are planned. Watch, this is not disgruntled people. These people were programmed by those who control us.

God stands with us, God protect us!  Stand together under one God, one Creator, in Unity.  What is happening to you is not right.  Citizens of the World I reach out to you.  They will slander our names, and spit evils about us, but they preach stability through deception.  They program members of society through mass media.  Some are partially awake, some are lost, others receive messages to kill, they are programmed through mass media.  You cannot help them, they are programmed by those in power.  Becareful around everyone as you do not know who is affected by the disease.    This is the work of evil.  They are watching you.  The devil wants to see and control all.  The reason you feel the way you do is because you have been awakened to the truth through God.

It is time to wake up before the wars begin.  The time is now.  Stand in Unity brothers and sisters or we will fall into massive wars.  Stand up as people of Nations together, people of Nations, Authority from the Creator, not governments.  We are the chosen ones of Earth.  It is time for us to be one again with the Creator.  This is my first message to the World.

I am a prophet.  The Creator is spoken to me, but all I ask is this.  You do not have to follow me, but please open your mind to God, to the creator and he will show you that I speak the words of God, the Creator.